Friday, May 06, 2005

Take two

It's been another hairy couple of weeks. First and most sadly, our little dog Pekoe died last Friday as a result of a very aggressive and fast moving cancer. We are very sad, but she had excellent vet care and a lot of people were pulling for her to make it. I'm happy to say that as a result of my bag-making and some kind donations from friends and family, we raised nearly a thousand dollars to help pay the vet bills. I am still making and selling my Kureyon felted bags to help pay off the vet bill, but we got a good start, anyway. We are so very grateful and touched by the love and compassion that people have shown to our dog and our family during this time.

Pekoe's death coincided with the annual So-Cal Bowercon, our yearly trip to Ren Faire with friends from the LoTPW list. It is also when I hold the infamous annual Kareoke And Wine Party Chez Yarnpirate, and then we all go out to Sunday Brunch at Cafe Laurent to see our favorite waiter. It was nice to see old friends and I was glad that life went on, despite the sadness. I must confess to passing on the faire trip, being just a little too sad, but enjoyed the kareoke and breakfast the next day. Nice to see everyone. Sil, Deb, Eddie and Foxy came down this year, and Mishi flew out from PA, so we had a full house, though not as full as in previous years. Badger came by for Kareoke and Wine and also for breakfast the next day. The kids enjoyed being spoiled rotten at faire by the aunties and uncles, so all in all, a good time was had by everyone. Foxy, as usual, kicked everyone's ass at kareoke. The opera students who live in the apartment upstairs from mine could not be reached for comment, but I heard a rumor that they were hiding in closets, whimpering, until it was over.

The week before saw the Yarnpirate at Convergence 11 which was held in San Diego this year. I got to room with the lovely Ashbet of PsySheep and learned all about yarn dreads, and we also shared with Ephemerae of the Aussie goth zine The Aether Sanctum. A spifty time was had by all.

This picture.... just goes to show you can take the girl to the beach but you can't keep her from knitting.

And now, I think I'd better bugger off and knit some bags.

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