Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I've been learning to do henna (mehndi) all day. A marketable skill in our tourist-filled beach community. House parties, bridal showers, a stand down at Venice Boardwalk... I've been looking for something portable and easy to take on in order to make some additional income and this is perfect. I'm also good at it, though the techniques will take me a while to refine of course. So that is exciting. 6 hours of class today and another 6 next week and I'll be done. Maybe a follow up session or two, but otherwise, fully trained. So next, I gotta start working on some promo materials and get myself out there.

Two things that do not mix? Yarn. Henna. Trust me when I say that you cannot knit near wet henna. You cannot apply henna near yarn. The two will be magnetically pulled towards each other and the results are tragic. Keep them separated, no matter how much they plead to be together. Unless you are dying the yarn with henna on purpose, in which case, fine.

The average 10 year old will inadvertently smear a freshly applied henna tattoo within 5 minutes. No matter how many times you say "please, do not sit on the couch until that dries." she will forget, sit on the couch, and smear henna paste all over the white jacquard slipcovers. Count on that.

I'm completely doomed because one of my East Coast friends sent me a drop spindle and wool top and roving and so now I'm going to learn to spin my own gorgeous yarn. Which will mean an irresistable yen to acquire yet more wool in various shades, merino, perhaps cashmere and silk and other fabulous fibers and eventually I'm gonna need a bigger apartment. Doomed, I tell you. Gods and generals, I love my friends.

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