Sunday, December 05, 2004

We figured out some Christmas stuff on our "list"

1. Give them something to read.
2. Give them something to love.
We are buying E. an American Girl doll that looks like her. :-) And the little riding outfit for it to wear. She is also getting a handknit poncho. I am copying some of my favorite recipes for S to add to her cookbook that her grandmother started, as "food is love" around here. That and knitting her a cuddly hat out of the Magnum wool by Cascade, since she really liked the one I did for myself.
3. Give them something to make them artistic.
S is getting sewing accouterments. E is getting writing journals, pens and a new sketchbook.
4. Give them something to make them athletic.
S is getting a skateboard. E is getting a day with her dad, going riding at Griffith Park
5. Give them something to do with a parent. Do something with them.
They are getting a tea outing and trip to Chinatown with $20 each to spend, with Mom.

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