Friday, December 03, 2004

Knit for free

Some nifty charity knitting sites. A lot of these sites have patterns that you can use for free. Great resources. Knitting for charity does not have to be fancy. It's a good way to use up stash yarn. Ideally, yarns used for this stuff should be washable and able to take wear and tear.

One Heart which provides obstetric and postnatal training and care to people in Tibet. Needs donations of baby blankets, baby hats, booties and mitts.

Made With Love By A Liberal providing warm knitted things to charities in our local communities.

Warm Woolies which provides knitted items to tribal reservations in South Dakota and Eastern European orphanages.

Wool Works Charity Page a comprehensive list, organized by state, of groups that accept finished knitting.

Knitting For A Better World more sites and resources for the knitter who is interested in charity knitting.

Don't forget your local animal shelters and rescue societies. These places can always use small blankets for their animals. It's a great way to practice new techniques on cheap yarn - the animals don't care if it's an awful color or if you've dropped a few stitches. They are just grateful for the warmth!

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