Sunday, December 05, 2004

I really need to post some pictures, when I find the digital camera. Over the past few days, I've finished 4 scarves, two ChicKnits H2O hats (one in Cascade 'Magnum' wool for myself and one in Lion Brand Chenille for a friend) and a bunch of charity knitting.

I modified Chicknits H20 pattern (my new favorite hat) slightly - cast onto a pair of #11s, then used Lion Brand Watercolor yarn in pink - it knitted up into a perfectly sized toddler hat and is adorable with the addition of a pompom on the top. That is going into the "charity knitting" box and as soon as I get my MWL labels, will be distributed somewhere needful. I've got another hat halfway done on the same needles, in a 2x 2 rib using that same yarn. Instead of using a decrease, I'm gonna seam it up the side, leave the top square and put pompoms on each corner. Twill make sortof a "Fraggle" hat that'll also fit a toddler sized person. Took one ball of the Watercolor for both hats. I think I'll pick up a few more, this is exactly the sort of easy, fast stuff that I want to focus on this winter for the charity knitting. Time enough next year to focus on making blankets and booties and other items. Right now it's cold in LA and I'm sure some warm hats would be appreciated, like, yesterday.

I need to work on seaming and finishing techniques. I've always been a rather "whatever" person in the details, but the one thing I'm learning about knitting is that some details matter! Especially when it's going to someone else.

I had some gal pals over today for tea and crafty fun. Yarn is best when you're sharing it with others, over a nice cuppa.

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