Saturday, December 11, 2004

hey there Mr. Blue...

The strangely difficult quest to feed myself continues. It should not take quite so much mental effort and two hours to get a piece of cheese toast together. Really. It went something like this:

Go to the kitchen to make cheese toast. See Chanukah gelt, eat two pieces. Notice that packages need to be taped shut for mailing. Go look for the tape. While at desk, notice Xmas cards are lying around the coffee table looking messy. Neaten them. Start arranging balls of yarn in the bowl. Go check the mail. On the way back in, notice that the packages still aren't taped. Notice Chanukah gelt is not in a bowl. Find a bowl. Realize you haven' eaten. Take cheese out of fridge. Put gelt in bowl. Realize packages STILL aren't taped. Go get tape. On the way back from the desk to the dining room (10 feet) realize stack of Xmas cards is unhung. Hang them around the door. Step down. Notice laundry is scattered all over living room, so go put that back in the basket. Arrange pillows, noticing laptop on coffee table, stop to burn a CD for my pal Pete. Neaten rocking chair and hang up Christmas stockings. Head back into the kitchen. Bugger. Packages. Tape. Fuck. Get those done. Stop to write a Christmas card. Head back into the kitchen and wonder why cheese is on counter. Get some ice in a glass, add water. Throw in an herbal tea bag for flavor. Remember cheese toast. Get bread out of refrigerator. Start to slice cheese. Realize that you meant to send someone cranes, go find a box and string of cranes, and put them on top of packages on dining room table. Wonder why there is half sliced cheese on counter, hear the CD stop burning and run back to check the burn. Spend five minutes decorating CD sleeve. Put CD in the stereo to double check burn again. Play tug of war with the dog. Go back to the kitchen. Smack head with hand. Put cheese on bread, and toast. Slice and orange. Set plate of toast and orange on sofa arm, pick up laptop and forget to eat, being distracted by something shiny, while cheese toast gets cold.

Yeah. Lame. But that's my brain lately.

Frogged the feather and fan in Koigu after yet another utterly lame mistake and am happily making this instead. The Koigu colors are knitting up really beautifully. It's an Xmas gift for a friend who does faire/SCA. Not period colors but oh well. The period nazis can bite me. At least the pattern is documented to c. 1600, so nyah.

Pondering some very chartreuse llama yarn from Cascade (Pastanza) which is sitting in my bowl, trying to be inspiring. Nothing yet, but I'm sure inspiration will bite.

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