Thursday, December 23, 2004

and jesus wept

The last of the blasted Christmas Knitting is done.

Oh, Hallelujia. And angels sang. It is done. Done. Done.

I have to admit, on the prayer shawl, the prayer for the last 8 inches was "Dear God, please let me finish this bloody shawl soon because I'm so bored."

Have broken my "knitted gifts only" rule: acquired the nephew a "Elmo Potty Doll" which comes with potty, tippy cup and special potty training book, and loudly sings a triumphant song about successful potty useage to the tune of Pop! Goes the Weasel and has flushing noises and extra batteries. Because I'm a bad, bad, bad person.

hey it was that or Chicken Dance Elmo. At least this one is edumacational.

Started the Happy Hat for myself, as eldest sprog ganked my long stocking cap and it's no longer, er, mine. One of these days, I"ll get to keep one of my creations. Really. I swear.

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