Thursday, November 11, 2004

knit one, purl two, rip three

The chunky blue chenille yarn I'm trying to work up into a scarf is really pissing me off. I've cast on about 4 different times, switched needle sizes, changed patterns and still, it's not making me happy. Have decided, as this is a commission piece, to just do the entire thing on the biggest needles I've got, in a 2x2 rib which works up quickly, to get it done already. I need to get it in the mail and off my needles. Sometimes, a knitter and a particular yarn are just not spiritually going to mesh together. Ah well.

The charcoal grey striped rib knit cap I made for my dad's Christmas present came out beautifully, however the moment it was off the needles and finished, Elder Sprog ganked it for her own personal use. So it would appear we are going back to the drawing board for gift ideas for Grandpa.

In a bit of a panic re: the holidays. However, shall prevail and knit, knit, knit my way to Yule.

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