Saturday, November 27, 2004

Favorite things
For friends and family who've asked.
Because the holidays are coming
and they're curious.

I like LUSH! Lush bath bombs and ballistics! My favorites are:
Lush Pud (Xmas only, seasonal, yum!), Fairy Jasmine, Blackberry, Lavender Worrier, Hot Java and the Turbo Bubble Bath Bar
I also use their skincare line and love it. It's expensive, but worth it. I use:
Fresh Farmacy soap, Coalface soap, Tea Tree Water and Cosmetic Warrior fresh mask
Jeff uses Daddy-O shampoo.
And of course, I like Glitterbugs :-)

I love Ravens Brew Coffees
Misty Fjords, please. Whole bean is best.

I love loose leaf Assam and Yunnan tea from vendors like Harney, Special Teas, and TeaSource.

I like Dagoba Chocolate bars in chai, lavender and roseberry flavors. They're a buck ninety nine at Whole Foods.

I love yarn stores like and because I'm a yarn junkie.

I have a wish list at

Other than that, I really don't collect, need or use a lot of "stuff". If you don't want to get me more stuff, these are the charities I support each year and a donation to them is a huge gift to me. Some of these charities operate on the "teach a man to fish" principle, which I particularly appreciate. Helping folks be more self sufficient is a good thing.

Heifer International where you can donate money to buy farm animals, poultry, bees, plant trees and provide seeds for families all over the world. I particularly like the knitting baskets, bees and trees options or shares in wool providing animals.
Habitat For Humanity build houses for homeless and needy families who otherwise would not have homes to live in.
A Greater Gift Serrv International
Aids Project Los Angeles Providing services for HIV+ residents of LA and their families.
City of Hope Hospital
Shriner's Children's Hospitals

Okay, that's it. My holiday wish list and things I Officially Like.
Now how about you?

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